Friday, 19 December 2014

A Crafty Christmas

 I was in full 'Christmas-mode' this year with decorating, crafting and baking. Just sharing some of that here...
My tree and table display
(P.S. I may or may not have a thing for deer and reindeer!)
 Purchased ornaments

The reindeer and hedgehog are
new this year from a store called
Roothouse in Penticton
Tree-topper Rudolph!

Vintage dog from a
garage sale - looks like Lulu
I love this pretty glittery one
Crafty ornaments
Thumbtack ornament

I got many ideas from Pinterest and those crafts will be linked. This is a thumbtack ornament, a bit dangerous, but pretty!

I took some acorns and glued the tops on 
(because they shed them when they drop) 
for a display last year,this year I added glitter and
a ribbon and put them on the tree as ornaments.
Not sure where the idea came from.

Button Christmas tree ornament
 - for kids!

Ornament with fake snow 
Cinnamon sticks from last year
Felt owl - a friend showed me
how to make this




Chocolate dipped shortbread


Fawn figurine - Roothouse

Fawn plate - Roothouse

Reindeer - Target

Owl snow globe

Snowflake lights


Reindeer beer
Homemade snow globe


Gingerbread house built for
my nephews to enjoy

Gingerbread felt ornament and owl
(gifts for friends)

and finally another deer from the
thrift store that I just got (in case you felt you
that there weren't enough deer in this post)

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!

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  1. Awesome as usual. Love the vintage deer, the felt ornaments and the snow-filled globes and jars. And yum, the cookies galore!